5 Web Design Trends For 2017

5 Web Design Trends For 2017

Every year, people make informed guesses as to trends for the coming year. Anyone investing in a new business website or updating their current website would have a vested interest in knowing which web design agency trends are significant.

Below are a few of the latest Web Design Trends of 2017 that deserve consideration for business websites. Professional web design for local businesses executed by an experienced web designer miami can have a substantial impact on the bottom line.

1. Mobile-First Web Design

Smartphones are now the primary devices used for internet browsing, making mobile consumers the premier consumer demographic. This actually occurred a couple years ago, but mobile-first web design underscores this reality. Desktop builds are secondary to mobile. Content is first designed to function on small mobile screens before work is done on determining how webpages will look and function on larger screens.

2. Responsive Design

No, responsive design isn't new for 2017 or even 2016. However, responsive design continues to grow in importance as more businesses implement this approach.

A dynamic website is created that adjusts content to best display and function on screens of varying sizes from smartphones to desktops with big screens.
Responsive design is very cost-effective and reliable.
Google favors responsive design and boosts the rankings of websites using it, believing that responsive design provides a better user experience.
3. Bespoke Illustrations, Animations, and Custom Photography

Talented artists and photographers can create images that have personality and capture the brand's tone. Stock photos, still much-used, look dated and dull in comparison to creative photos that highlight the vision of your brand.

Standing out from the crowd becomes more difficult every day as the number of new websites continues to skyrocket. Bespoke illustrations, clever animations, and authentic, creative photos can be used throughout the site, unifying the message and adding a touch of humor to the presentation.

4. Bold and Beautiful Typography and Colors

Subtle has its place, but in 2017 big, bold, and bad will be grabbing viewers' attentions. Typography's importance can be overlooked, but it's a powerful visual medium. Expect to see very large and hand-rendered fonts that break up the grid and overlay images.

Washed-out gray text on gray backgrounds is dated. Super-rich colors and gradients make websites pop, but restrict the total number of base colors to avoid confusing the eye.

5. Video Still Rules

Video is already huge but continues to increase its dominance of the web. For marketing purposes, video is becoming just as important on social media as on websites. Today's consumers are more likely to buy after watching a video.

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